Portraits and Figuratives

Portraits and Figuratives are almost one of a kind.  By that, I mean a full figure of a person may be the best way to capture who a person is, yet a portrait of just the face of a person does it as well, but in a very different way.


I enjoy doing and collecting them all and I love experimenting with various media and styles as that diversity has an affect on how to best portray a person!  I am including not only personal work but also the gallery collection that includes many different works from different times done for very different reasons.  I hope you find something that appeals to you, or maybe it would be time to call for commission to do something more personal!


All artwork with listed prices are for sale.  (To see the sales price, please click on the image for more specific details.)


If more information is needed, including the art's provenance or additional images and the gallery frame information, please contact us at: gallery@leighbohne.com


If you wish to make a purchase of art please use our PayPal Icon to complete your purchase.


If you wish to purchase a giclee reproduction of any art, please contact us through email for the art requested, as well as the SIZE and number of prints.  (Oil paintings are usually reproduced on canvas, while watercolors, drawings and etchings or engravings are reproduced on heavy, museum-quality paper.)


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