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Architectural Illustrations produced by Leigh Bohne can be rendered in black and white or color, mediums of pencil, pen and ink, watercolor, oil and casein. They are generally used for sales and marketing, for design and construction approvals and historic projects. We can provide ground level, aerial and historic themes.  Our technical illustrations illustrating maps, or other visuals range within the limits of your imagination...or ours!


If you don’t have full working architectural drawings or cad files, but still need to present a conceptual rendering, what will you do?  Contact Leigh Bohne!  Being hand-drawn, our illustrations can be produced without those time-consuming and expensive pre-requisites.  They can be rendered in black and white graphite, pen and ink or color for virtually any construction and design project. The completed rendering is done in a style that fulfills the imagination of your customer. Client approvals can come surprisingly quickly! 


Our renderings are all scanned in high resolution, afterwhich we can provide additional presentation options or detail views.


( The above graphite illustration is of "Still Bend", a Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian home in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.)

Architectural Illustrations by Leigh Bohne


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If you wish to purchase a giclee reproduction of any art, please contact us through email for the art requested, as well as the SIZE and number of prints.  (Oil paintings are usually reproduced on canvas, while watercolors, drawings and etchings or engravings are reproduced on heavy, museum-quality paper.)


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